Medical Sharing Plans in New York

Christian Health Sharing Plans in New York

Finding Christian Plans in New York

Learn more about the Christian medical plans available in New York. These Christian cost sharing plans are an effective way to obtain financial help in regards to healthcare expenses. Members also enjoying having a strong faith-based group to feel supported by. Cost sharing plans can be a great way for Christians to get both medical coverage and emotional support with a group of fellow Christians.


Who is Eligible to Up for a Christian Based Plan in New York?

People who are live anywhere in New York are welcome to apply to be a member of a Christian cost sharing program in the area. Applications are always being accepted. Fill out our form below to learn about the requirements and benefits of a Christian cost sharing program.  A unique perk is that members of these programs are able to directly help a group of like-minded individuals with their medical care.

Everyone is welcome to apply for membership. Families with small children, single adults, seniors, etc. are welcome to apply. Get more details about the available New York cost sharing plans by filling out the form linked below. We, at, work to match the top Christian cost shares in New York with you.


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What is a Christian Cost Sharing Plan?

Apply for membership with a Christian cost sharing plan if you’re considering a cost-effective way to cover medical expenses. Members of cost sharing programs pay a monthly “sharing amount.” The member’s payments are saved in a pool. When claims are made and accepted, the “pool” of money is used to pay the medical costs. No claim is guaranteed to be accepted – since Christian cost sharing plans are not regulated like traditional health insurance, claims can be denied if they do not align with the groups’ beliefs.

Christian cost sharing plans work like traditional insurance to lower out of pocket costs from medical expenses. They also offer support by encouraging a faith-based community. Although most members are Christian, you typically do not have to be Christian to apply.

When is the Right Time to Enroll in a Cost Sharing Program?

Unlike plans regulated under the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), there is no set time you must enroll. You can submit an application whenever is best for you! Applications for membership accepted throughout the year. Each application is considered on an individualized basis. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will be accepted and the sooner you’ll have healthcare coverage in New York.

We have a form below you can fill out to get more information about Christian cost sharing programs in New York!  We can provide more information regarding the requirements, payment, and coverage options.


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Compare Christian Plans to Traditional Medical Insurance Plans

Traditional health insurance does differ from Christian cost share plans; cost sharing programs are not insurance plans regulated by the state of New York and do not have to follow the regulations set by the Affordable Care Act.

Comparing the two types of plans will help you make the best decision about your medical coverage. You will have to consider coverage needs, budget, providers, etc. when you are choosing between cost sharing and traditional insurance. Christian cost sharing programs not only provide cost-effective medical coverage, but also a community of followers.

Submit your application or fill out our form to get more information!  We want to help you get as much information as possible before you apply to a healthcare program.


Do All Medical Providers Accept the Christian Based Program?

Members are welcome to choose their medical provider. People, in Christian cost sharing plans, who choose to see “in-network” providers will have discounted services. While this does not guarantee that a claim will be paid, if it is, more of the claim is covered with an in-network provider.

Learn which New York providers are “in-network” by filling out the form below to have the information sent to you.


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What Will My Portion of Coverage Payment Be?

“Sharing amounts”The amount that you will be responsible for paying every month varies depending on a number of factors. The amount of people on your plan, the type of plan, the coverage amounts and so on are all factors. Learn more about how much you might have to pay if you were to become a member of the Christian cost sharing plan in New York by filling out a form and getting a quote today.

Finding the Right Medical Coverage in New York

The right medical coverage in New York depends on your medical needs. With many types of coverage available, it is important to be matched with the best programs in the New York area. Our specialists can provide you with more in-depth information. Fill out our form below! We are more than happy to send this information to you.

Our specialists are knowledgeable and will help you find the program that best fits your needs, whether it is a Christian cost share or a traditional health insurance plan. Speak with us today or fill out the form below and someone will be in contact shortly!


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Additional Resources Available in New York

Our form will connect you with additional resources so you can make an informed decision about your medical coverage. Allow us to help you get matched with the best plan in New York that fits your needs.

Our professionals can provide you with information on both types of plans and help you decide if a Christian cost sharing plan is right for you. Fill out our form and allow our specialists at to send you a list of the coverage options that match your needs!

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