Christian Medical Cost Sharing Plans in California

Christian Health Sharing Plans in California

Finding Christian Plans in California 

With our easy to read through guide, you can learn more about Christian medical sharing plans. In short; health coverage for those of the Christian faith. These plans are a great option for anyone searching for a more affordable coverage plan, or those that are looking for help from others that share the same Christian faith. There are currently numerous Christian medical sharing plans available in California.


Who is Eligible to Sign Up for Christian Plans in California?

There are few restrictions on who is able to sign up for Christian medical sharing plans in California. Those that wish to sign up to receive coverage, can do so by submitting an application to the correct church organization for their area. Those that apply to become members of this sharing plan are generally of the Christian because your contributions help others of the same faith.

Families, seniors and individuals of any age are encouraged to submit an application to become members of the organization. Applications can be obtained right here, or through the correct church organization in your area.

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What is the Christian Cost Sharing Plan?

Everyone is welcome to become a part of the Christian cost sharing plans that are in California. The funds from the members are pooled together into one account and then used to cover any of the members health costs that are submitted and accepted. This is a community medical sharing plan that helps each other out, while sharing the same beliefs.

The fees that are pooled together are taken on a monthly basis from the members, and then saved until medical expenses are claimed. The amount paid depends on a variety of factors such as income, number of applicants, type of coverage, etc. 

Claims must be submitted to the church organization in order to be accepted and paid. Any treatments that are against Christ, such as abortions or drug addiction treatment are generally not paid out.

Any Christian-based medical sharing programs are not a traditional insurance coverage plan. They do not provide the same type of traditional coverage you’d normally find with a plan.


When Should I Enroll in a Christian Cost Sharing Plan?

When you need health coverage, there is no right or wrong time to apply to become a member of a Christian cost sharing program. Applications are available here, or at the appropriate church organization in California. 

All interested parties have to fill out an application to be considered as a member. The program is always open to anyone, of any age and any religion, though basic requirements must be met to be accepted. Those that are in the program are normally of the Christian faith, however. 

Different from Obamacare, this medical sharing program is open throughout the entire year and welcomes members of all ages and backgrounds. Sharing Ministries do not typically limit coverage on families. Having medical sharing coverage does make the individual exempt from the penalties that they would normally have to pay, since these Christian plans are not regulated as insurance in the state of California.

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Comparing Plans to Traditional Medical Insurance

Both medical sharing plans and traditional health insurance have similarities to one another. The program that the individual chooses is one that matches the needs that they have regarding healthcare coverage. Christian cost sharing plans help Christian not only have coverage, but are also a strong resource for sharing the same beliefs. 

Those in the Christian sharing programs are welcome to visit any provider that they’d like, but all claims are determined eligible, on a claim-by-claim basis. These claims have to be submitted for approval and coverage. 

Everyone is welcome to sign up to become a member with an application. Members of these cost sharing program feel strongly about helping others in the same faith, and put their money towards the medical costs associated with those members. Those with a Christian faith enjoy having faith based coverage that provides not only help with medical bills, but a strong community support system built on the same faith and beliefs. 


Do All Medical Providers Accept the Christian Cost Sharing Program?

Members in the program can see any provider that they wish to see, even if they’re out of the network. For ease of coverage and to ensure that if the claim is accepted and paid in full, it is recommended that members see providers that are in-network. For a full list of providers in-network, speak with the appropriate church organization in California.

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What Will My Portion of Coverage Payment Be?

The amount that you pay in coverage is dependent on many different factors such as the number of people, the type of coverage, the medical needs the person has, etc. It is important to have a quote so that you know what you would be paying per month, if you were a member of the Christian medical share plan. 


Finding the Right Medical Coverage in California 

Know what to expect with the medical coverage plans that you have to find out if it is coverage that works with you. Not only do we provide in-depth, accurate knowledge to help you choose the right medical plan, but we provide applications so you can apply right online. Request the information on the different plans you’d like to use to find out if they’re right for you. Christian medical share plans are ideal for many individuals and families, find out if they’re right for you or your family as an insurance coverage option in California. 

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Additional Resources Available in California 

To read more and find out more information on Christian medical sharing programs that are available in the California area, speak with us today. We provide you with many resources so that you can make the most informed decision on which medical coverage is the best for you and your family. 

Those that are considering a Christian-based cost sharing program are generally of the Christian faith. They feel that having a strong community and working together to pay off medical bills with others that share the faith, is the best way to strengthen their relationship with God. Having a community to turn too and help right there, provides Christians with peace of mind.


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