Christian Medical Sharing Plans in Alabama

Christian Health Sharing Plans in Alabama

What is the Christian Medi-Share Plan?



The Christian Medi-Share plan in Alabama is an affordable option for medical cost sharing, enabling families and individuals to cover large health expenses that would otherwise be difficult to cover out of pocket.


These healthcare expenses are afforded by financial contributions provided by each member of the Christian community enrolled in the program. Those that are part of the program enjoy helping one another, as in Luke 6:38: “Give, and it will be given to you.”


The Christian medical sharing program is also ideal for those of the faith because of like-minded priorities, keeping qualifying expenses within the teachings of the Bible; the sharing does not cover addictions, abortions or other unbiblical procedures that are not in line with the teachings of Christ.


Please Note: Medi-Share is not an insurance policy or insurance coverage, and is not regulated by the state.  it is an alternative group-share program that you are able to apply for which provides cost assistance that is similar to traditional medical expense coverage options.


Finding Christian Plans in Alabama


This easy-to-follow guide will help you locate Christian-based healthcare sharing plans in Alabama that are right for you. Cost-sharing is an ideal option for those of the Christian faith that wish to be a part of a healthcare network offered by a faith-based, supportive community.


Who is Eligible to Sign Up for Christian Plans in Alabama?


Those that want to become members of the Christian medical sharing program are able to do so without having to be a part of a specific church organization. Medical bill sharing is an excellent way for those of the Christian faith to “do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased” (Hebrews 13:16).


Adults and children of any age are welcome to apply to become a member of the Christian medical sharing community. No one is too young or too old to apply.


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When Should I Enroll in a Christian Medi-Share Plan?


Unlike traditional, state-regulated health insurance programs, there is no specific “open enrollment” period.  You can apply any time for a Christian medical sharing plan, though it is advised to be done sooner, rather than later. There is no better time than now to become a contributor and benefactor of a faith-based medical cost sharing community. 


Those wishing to become a member of the medical sharing program have to apply by filling out an application and being approved. Members must be all requirements before being approved.


Children from birth and seniors are welcome to apply to become a part of the Christian medical sharing program in Alabama. 


Unlike Obamacare, there is no ‘open enrollment period’ that an applicant has to follow, so they are welcome to apply individually or as a family whenever they wish. There are also no insurance penalties to worry about for members, as they are exempt from this rule. Alabama does not regulate Christian medical sharing plans.


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Comparing Plans to Traditional Medical Insurance

Christian medical cost sharing plans can offer many people the coverage they need, while also providing a faith-based service. Being able to compare the plan to traditional medical insurance can provide more information on whether this plan is right for you. 


While Christian medical cost sharing offers its own in-network providers, enrolling does not require you to leave your current provider, should you choose not to. 


Your coverage begins immediately upon acceptance of your application. For more information regarding eligibility requirements for this flexible, faith-based service, simply fill out the form below.


Do All Medical Providers Accept the Christian Medi-Share Program?


All medical providers accept the plan, but as is with traditional insurance, not all providers are considered in-network. However, providers who are in-network offer discounted rates to their members to allow medical coverage to be more affordable.  There is a directory for Alabama that provides information on all of the medical providers that are in-network with the Christian medical sharing program.


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What Will My Portion of Coverage Payment Be?


As with traditional health insurance, the quote for your coverage will depend on a variety of factors, such as the amount of coverage needed, how many family members require coverage, etc. You will not be deemed ineligible based on any medical conditions. 

For more information and to receive a quote for your local Christian medical cost sharing program, simply fill out the form below.


Finding the Right Medical Coverage in Alabama


Our goal is to help you find the perfect Christian Sharing Program for your medical needs. While they are individually rated and have specific rules for each, it is important to know whether this is the right plan for you.


We are able to help you when you reach out to let us know what you feel is the best medical program for you. If you are of the Christian faith and want to be in a program that takes care of others like you, then we can connect you with the best organization that provides applications for those that wish to become a part of the Christian medical sharing program in Alabama. 


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Additional Resources Available in Alabama


It is important to find the healthcare coverage plan that’s right for you. Our professionals here at are waiting to walk you through the many plans that are available, and help you find the coverage you need. 


If you want to find out more information about this or other plans, fill out the form below to get help from a qualified specialist today.


A Christian medical sharing program is available to those with Christian faith and would like to become a part of a bigger group that helps pay and cover the costs of medical expenses for other brothers and sisters in Christ. 


Christian cost sharing programs offer assistance with medical expenses through strong, faith-based coverage and community support. Feel free to contact us to find out more about the Christian medical cost sharing plans that are available in Alabama, as well as member benefits.


A Christian medical sharing program is available to those with Christian faith and would like to become a part of a bigger group that helps pay and cover the costs of medical expenses for other brothers and sisters in Christ. 


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