Christian Health Sharing Plans in Nebraska

What is the Christian Medi-Share Plan?



The Christian Medi-Share plan is an affordable option for both families and individuals in Nebraska, allowing them to participate in a group cost sharing fellowship with other Christians to afford health care they need. 


Each month, your monthly share is matched with another’s eligible medical bills. Christian Care Ministry coordinates the direct sharing of medical costs between members through a secure online portal. You will know each month whose bills your share is helping pay, and when you have eligible bills and your annual household portion (AHP) has been met, your fellow believers will be assisting in those bills and (most importantly) praying for you as well.  


The Christian medical sharing program also keeps qualifying expenses within the teachings of the Bible; the sharing does not cover addictions, abortions or other unbiblical procedures. Because it is not regulated by the state, The Christian Medi-share plan offers the freedom and blessing that comes from knowing you are helping your brothers and sisters in Christ as they do the same for you. 


Please Note: Medi-Share is not an insurance policy or insurance coverage, and is not regulated by the state of Nebraska. More information and legal disclosures can be viewed here


Finding Christian Plans in Nebraska


There are close to 1 million health care sharing participants in plans across 29 states, according to the Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries. To find out how to get in touch with one of these ministries, fill out the form below and a member services expert will be happy to assist you.

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Who is Eligible to Sign Up for Christian Plans in Nebraska?


Adults and children of any age are welcome to apply to become a member of the Christian medical sharing community. There are options available for individuals and families.  There are even group programs available for churches and Christian employers.


Those who wish to enroll in a Christian Medical Sharing community must adhere to the following:


  1. Provide a Christian testimony about their personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. Attend an active fellowship with other Christians and support members in that community.
  3. Profess the Statement of faith.


There are also rewards for living a healthy lifestyle! Find out more here.


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When Should I Enroll in a Christian Medi-Share Plan?


Unlike traditional, state-regulated health insurance programs, there is no specific “open enrollment” period.  You can apply any time for a Christian medical sharing plan, though it is advised to be done sooner, rather than later. There is no better time than now to become a contributor and benefactor of a faith-based medical cost sharing community. 


Children from birth, seniors, and everyone in between are welcome to apply to become a part of the Christian medical sharing program in Nebraska. 


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Comparing Plans to Traditional Medical Insurance


In the state of Nebraska, traditional health insurance plans (even those under the affordable care act) can be extremely costly, and unaffordable for many people.  On average, members can expect to save around 50% on their medical costs, and there is an option that fits every budget. 


Your coverage begins immediately upon acceptance of your application. For more information regarding eligibility requirements for this flexible, faith-based service, simply fill out the form below.


Do All Medical Providers Accept the Christian Medi-Share Program?



All medical providers accept the plan, but as is with traditional insurance, not all providers are considered in-network. While Christian medical cost sharing offers its own in-network providers, enrolling does not require you to leave your current provider.  However, providers who are in-network offer discounted rates to their members to allow medical coverage to be more affordable.  


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What Will My Portion of Coverage Payment Be?



As with traditional health insurance, the quote for your coverage will depend on a variety of factors, such as the amount of coverage needed, how many family members require coverage, etc. Request a quote to Learn More about the Christian Programs >>


Finding the Right Medical Coverage in Nebraska


Our goal is to help you find the perfect Christian Sharing Program for your medical needs. While they are individually rated and have specific rules for each, it is important to know whether this is the right plan for you.


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